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Workshops, ongoing training, and supervision in a group are available. Training in psychodrama, experiential therapy, and other targeted workshops and CEU events for professionals. See the below schedule of events for more information.

Upcoming Groups & Workshops

Supervision In Action!

New Monthly Group

Fridays starting September 9, 2022, 1:30-3:30PM
Continuing on the second Friday of each month
$80 per group

Pop Up Weekend

Come for the Experience

May 6, 10am-12pm

Springing Forward: Let go of old stuff and step into the new blossoms.

Cost: $30

Pop Up Weekend

Come for the Experience

May 7, 10am-12pm

12 Steps in ACTION! Join us for our first of the monthly series Sunday mornings.

Cost: $30

Intensive Weekend

Step Into the Summer of Your Life

June 9-11

In this intensive weekend we will let go of those things that keep us from stepping into joy and appreciation of life.

Healing the Hate Within

Confronting Internalized Homophobia with Psychodrama

Joel Thayer, MA, MFA, JD, CHHC, CP, PAT
Lori J. Budman, MSS, LCSW, CP, PAT
Saturday, June 24, 2023 9am to 1pm
Exton, PA
$100 per person, $80 per student

Open Psychodrama Saturday Kick Off


July 8, 9am-12pm

Join us for a gathering as we experience the power of group to transform our lives more

Cost: $45

Sunday Morning 12 Steps in Action

Join us for our monthly series Sunday mornings.

July 16, 10am-12pm

We will take a deep dive into step work in a group setting.

Cost: $30

Psychodrama Saturday - Open Group


July 29, 9am-12pm

Join us to experience the power of psychodrama to transform your life!

Cost: $45

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